B-Side Dreams - 110 Some Like it Elsewhere


  1. Here Come the Tubular Bells by Japanese Breakfast on Boyish (Dead Oceans)
  2. The Body Is a Blade by Japanese Breakfast on Boyish (Dead Oceans)
  3. Regional Echo by Jen Cloher on Jen Cloher (Milk!)
  4. Dyson Sphere by Frankie Rose on Cage Tropical (Slumberland/Grey Market)
  5. Who Me? by LAPS on Who Me? (MIC)
  6. Life of Leisure by Luscious Jackson on In Search of Manny (Grand Royal 1992)
  7. Joy by Mope Grooves on Joy (https://mopegrooves.bandcamp.com/album/joy)
  8. Some Like It Hot by The World on First World Record (Upset the Rythm)
  9. Walking Home by HINDS on Leave Me Alone (Lucky Number 2015)
  10. Phone Call by Collate on Material Inspection (https://collate.bandcamp.com/)
  11. I Hate Winners by Chain & The Gang on Experimental Music (Radical Elite Records)
  12. A Different State by Marble Gods on Songs (Marry Me Records)
  13. Reasons I Will Not Say by Odd Hope on Odd Hope (https://fruitsandflowers.bandcamp.com/album/odd-hope)
  14. Babies are a Lie by Pip Blom on Babies are a Lie & School 7 (Nice Swan)
  15. Hey by Alvvays on Antisocialites (Polyvinyl)
  16. My Name by Will Sprott on Ten Fingers (Burger Records, Hairdo Records)
  17. What Do You Say? (Featuring Mark Kozelek) by Holly Throsby on After a Time (Spunk 2017)