B-Side Dreams - 111 2017 Hits


  1. Marshal Arts Washing Cars by Oro Swimming Hour on Penrose Winoa (Visit http://artishardrecords.bandcamp.com)
  2. Mississippi by The Cactus Blossoms on You’re Dreaming (Amazon.com Song ID: 265797768)
  3. Walk up to your House by SPELLLING on Pantheon of Me (Visit http://spellling.bandcamp.com)
  4. Open Letter to Forever by Fred Thomas on Changer (Polyvinyl)
  5. Canada by Best Exes on Cactus (Visit http://bestexes.bandcamp.com)
  6. Evening All Day Long by Bonny Doon on Bonny Doon
  7. Come On Down If You Want To by Odd Hope on Odd Hope (Visit http://fruitsandflowers.bandcamp.com)
  8. Objects by Marbled Eye on EP II 7 (Visit http://meltersmusic.bandcamp.com)
  9. Plastic Cactus - Mum's the Word by Various Artists on PDX Pop Now! 2017 (PDX Pop Now!)
  10. Hair Slick Back by Sneaks on It's A Myth (Merge)
  11. Rest by Sacred Paws on Strike A Match (Rock Action)
  12. Some Like It Hot by The World on First World Record (Upset the Rhythm)
  13. John Hughes by Tim Cohen on Luck Man (https://timcohen.bandcamp.com/album/luck-man)
  14. All Night by Scrabbel on All Night / Summer's End (Visit http://wiaiwya.bandcamp.com)
  15. This Changes Everything by Warm Soda on I Don't Wanna Grow Up (https://warmsoda.bandcamp.com/)
  16. Shape Of A Pocket by Mope Grooves on Joy (Visit http://mopegrooves.bandcamp.com)
  17. Really Realize by Lab Coast on Lab Coast (Visit http://labcoast.bandcamp.com)
  18. 09 Web in Front by The Younger Lovers on Young Brothers (Southpaw)