Bird Flu Kitchen 41, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 band review


  1. Half Pigeon by Slow Lode on Phones' Drones
  2. Post Molly Crash by The Wyatt Act
  3. New Years by Reisender on New Year
  4. Up For Days by Unlikely Heroes
  5. 26 Episodes by Northern Waste on Northern Waste EP (Self)
  6. Holy Basil by Schlotman on On a Rope
  7. Spend My Days by Bones and Bootleggers on Areoamino (Self Released)
  8. Jerk It Off by The Band Ice Cream on Classically Trained
  9. Manos Lindas by McNulty's Curse on If These Hands Could Rock
  10. Honest Man by Travis Hayes
  11. Hold on the Highs by First in Flight on Hold on the Highs
  12. Stuck In Whittier by Alvie & The Breakfast Pigs on Indian Rug Burn (Bird Flu Kitchen)
  13. Sent by the Man by The Damn Fanatics
  14. Revolution Rock n Roll by Low Cut Connie on Revolution Rock N Roll (Contender Records)
  15. 22 by Doctor Striker on America
  16. Global Warming by Slow Torpedo on Slow Torpedo
  17. America Is A Business (And Business is Shit) by Friends W/O Ben on Fictional Characters / Real Entertainment (Self Released)
  18. Let You Down by The Loose. on Thick Fictions
  19. So by Van Goat on So Far No Good
  20. In the Morning by Fellow Vessel on In The Morning
  21. In Other Shoes by Moral High Horses on Moral High Horses
  22. A Little Too Far by Hungry Skinny on Instant Generation (self)
  23. Shake Like Buddy Holly by The Stone Foxes on Visalia
  24. Witchcraft by Fasiv
  25. Handy Denny by Hot Lunch on Hot Lunch
  26. Drive Me Wild by Richmond Sluts
  27. My Girlfriend Won't Dance With Me by Locus Pocus on Locus Pocus EP (Self-Released)
  28. Born to Ride by Hibbity Dibbity
  29. Three Weeks Late by The Swingin' Bachelors