Hearts in the Basement #43


  1. Oracao de Noite Cheia by Le Almeida on Mantra Happening (Deck sob)
  2. Halleluwah by CAN on Tago Mago (Spoon Records)
  3. Bros by Panda Bear on Person Pitch (Paw Tracks)
  4. Filhos de Gandhi by Gilberto Gil & Jorge Ben Jor on Gil E Jorge (Universal)
  5. Night Falls on Hoboken by Yo La Tengo on And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out (Matador)
  6. Spacegirl by The Brian Jonestown Massacre on Spacegirl and Other Favourites (Candy Floss)
  7. Refractions in the Plastic Pulse by Stereolab on Dots and Loops (Duophonic)
  8. Aba Yaa by Ebo Taylor on Life Stories (Strut)