Man Jams Episode 4


  1. dirt by Alice in Chains on Dirt (Columbia)
  2. I'm A Man by The Yardbirds on Live Yardbirds Remastered (unknown)
  3. Thunderstruck by AC/DC on The Razors Edge (ATCO Records)
  4. Black Train by Def Leppard on Slang (unknown)
  5. Goin' Blind by Melvins on Houdini (unknown)
  6. Stargazer by Rainbow on Rising (unknown)
  7. La Grange by ZZ Top on Tres Hombres (Warner Bros)
  8. Stranglehold by Ted Nugent on Ted Nugent (unknown)
  9. Holy Diver by Dio on Holy Diver (Warner Bros)
  10. All or Nothing by Cauldron on Burning Fortune (unknown)
  11. Iron Man by Black Sabbath on Paranoid (Warner Bros)
  12. Gypsy Road by Cinderella on Long Cold Winter (unknown)
  13. The number of the beast by Iron Maiden on The number of the beast (unknown)
  14. Child in Time by Deep Purple on Deep Purple in Rock (EMI)
  15. The Hunchback of Notre Doom by Slough Feg on Ape Uprising! (unknown)
  16. Hard Times by Cro-Mags on Before the Quarrel (unknown)
  17. Necropolis by Manila Road on Crystal Logic (unknown)
  18. Youth Gone Wild by Skid Row on Skid Row (unknown)
  19. Mental Health (Bang Your Head) by Quiet Riot on Alive and Well (unknown)
  20. Kickstart my Heart by Motley Crue on Dr. Feel Good (unknown)
  21. Rock you like a Hurrican by Scorpion on Love at First Sting (Mercury)