Tuff Signals 173


  1. Kicks & Chicks by The Fadeaways on Kicks & Chicks (Hidden Volume Records)
  2. Hot Flush by Drunk Mums on Denim (Self Released)
  3. Blue Jean Queen by Rik & The Pigs on Blue Jean Queen (Self Released)
  4. Life Eraser by gSp (Thrilling Living)
  5. Rock Paper Scissors by Rolling Blackouts on Demos & B-Sides Volume 1 (Burger Records)
  6. Greedy Little Thing by Midnite Snaxxx (Goodbye Boozy)
  7. Sit & Stare by Cruz Somers (Goodbye Boozy)
  8. Darkwing Cuck by Muzzy (Goodbye Boozy)
  9. Halogen Blossoms by Big Air on Inner Facing, Outer Spacing (Trouble In Mind)
  10. Biking Through the Graveyard by The Shack Ups on Shack It Up (Let's Pretend Records)
  11. Elastic by Amy O on Elastic (Winspear Records)
  12. Oh No Conflict by Blizzard Babies on Blizzard Babies (Self Released)
  13. La Nina Winter by Gal Gun on Special Music of Emotion (Self Released)
  14. Illuminati Knights by New Swears on Illuminati Knights (Self Released)
  15. 50/50 20/20 by Plush on Split (Father/Daughter Records)
  16. Modern Music by Dick Stusso on In Heaven (Hardly Art Records)
  17. Still as the Night by Jenny Don't & The Spurs on What Can I Do b/w Still as the Night (Resurrection Records)
  18. Your Dog by Soccer Momy on Clean (Fat Possum Records)
  19. Complain Train by KEEL HER (Self Released)
  20. Lost in a Domension by Bikini Cops on Three (Televised Suicide / Drunken Sailor Records)
  21. Dead Inside by Vanilla Poppers on S/T (Lumpy Records)
  22. You Could Dance with Your Shadow by Sic Tic on Sic Tic EP (GP Stripes)
  23. Nerve Damage by Average Times on Seconds (Self Released)
  24. Brenda Sue by The Wirms on Dig These Songs with the Wirms! (What's for Breakfast?)
  25. Empathetic Knots by Bow & Spear on Bat at Fun (What's for Breakfast?)
  26. Still Alive by The Spook School on Could it Be Different? (Slumberland Records)
  27. Honeymooning by Holy Motors on Slow Sundown (Whartf Cat Records)
  28. Honeymooning by Holy Motors on Slow Sundown (Whartf Cat Records)
  29. Queen of the Pill by The Jackets on Be Myself / Queen of the Pill (Voodoo Rhythm Records)
  30. Whinge and Whine by BB & The Blips on demo (Blow Blood Records)
  31. Boys by Las Rosas on Everyone Gets Exactly What They Want (dizzy bird records)
  32. No Sleep by Vacuum on s/t (DOGWORLD Tapes)
  33. Out of Touch by Fruit and Flowers on Drug Tax (Self Released)
  34. Piece of Glass by Chancla Fight Club on Piece of Glass (Self Released)
  35. Moving Shadow by Backtalk on Analog Parts (Small Mammal Records)
  36. Thing Called Love by Bed Wettin' Boys on Rot (What's Your Rupture?)
  37. Undercover by Constant Insult on 2017 Demo (Self Released)
  38. Down Down by The Coathangers on Suck My Shirt (Suicide Squeeze)
  39. Content Nausea by Parquet Courts on Content Nausea (What's Your Rupture?)