cheetle radio 3.6.2015** oldie feat. al lover and stoney soul 45s for dayyyyyys

aw MANNNN the good ol' days....when al lover lived amongst our greasy manes and veggie burritos. now this guy spends his days gettin' freaky in Austin, playing psychedelic dreams and nasty cat soul for lucky texans. click your cowboy boots together and let's travel down the ol' memory lane...we-oooo-weeeee---oo--wee--ooooh...things are gonna feel weird inside your organs but we think you'll dig. 

keep up with him:

ps. cheetle britt is packing up for Maine tonight and cheetle amber is mourning her loss/maybe booking tickets to maine for a surprise future reunion. 


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  1. The Hoofstomp by The Bell Peppers (-) $ Buy
  2. Everything In Order by The Worms (-) $ Buy
  3. Medication by Brown Brogues (-) $ Buy
  4. I Wanna Hate by Sick Thoughts (-) $ Buy
  5. Touch The Leather by Fat White Family on Champagne Holocaust (Fat Possum) $ Buy
  6. No Confusion by Corners (-) $ Buy
  7. Ride by Nate Mercereau on EP 2 (-) $ Buy
  8. IT #3 by Nick Waterhouse (Pres Records) $ Buy
  9. Skin Diving by Dirt Dress on Revelations EP (-) $ Buy
  10. So Much Love by The Invincibles (-) $ Buy
  11. In The Midnight Hour by The Mirettes (-) $ Buy
  12. Here Comes the Night by Tom Baird (Rare Earth) $ Buy
  13. Katanga by Little Willie John (King) $ Buy
  14. Love Is The Key by Lloyd and Devon (Punch) $ Buy
  15. It's Nothing To Me by Buddy Long (Demon) $ Buy
  16. The Joker by Jimmy London (Starapple) $ Buy
  17. Hurt My Baby by - (-) $ Buy
  18. Vimado Wingnan by El Rego (Daptone) $ Buy
  19. Who Do You Love by The Misunderstood (Fontana) $ Buy
  20. You Must Believe It by Count Five on You Must Believe Me (Double Shot) $ Buy
  21. Un Elephant me Regarde by Antoine (Disques Vogue) $ Buy
  22. So, do the zonk by Donna Loren (Capital ) $ Buy
  23. Whole Lotta Love by C.C.S. (RAK) $ Buy
  24. Yeah, You Right by The Sister and Brother (UNI) $ Buy
  25. Mary don’t Take Me On No Bad Trip by Fugi (Cadet) $ Buy
  26. Goodbye Baby by Van Morrison (Bang Records) $ Buy
  27. Don't You Worry 'Bout Me by Gene Simmons (GAP) $ Buy
  28. Juke Box Mama by Link Wray (Polydor) $ Buy
  29. Truckin' by Grateful Dead (Warner Brothers) $ Buy
  30. Long Line Rider by Bobby Darin (Direction) $ Buy
  31. Funky Junky by Charlie Daniels (Kama Sutra) $ Buy
  32. Did You See Her Eyes by The Illusion (Steed Records) $ Buy