1/2/2018: Feminist Art with SFMOMA's Erin Fleming

Special guest Erin Fleming of SFMOMA's Raw Material podcast joins us to talk about rituals, the photographic tarot, and the intersection of feminism and land art. Plus her music picks by Yoko Ono, Los Microwaves, Aerolinas Federales and more.

Raw Material podcast: https://soundcloud.com/rawmaterialpodcast

Erin's playlists for her radio show Ribbon Around a Bomb: http://erineyesore.tumblr.com/


  1. She's Lost Control by Grace Jones on The Collection (Spectrum Music)
  2. yarom bia by Kiosk on bagj e vahsh e jahani (Bamahang Productions)
  3. Maó Gling by Grýlurnar on Astralterta (Sena)
  4. Soy Una Punk by Aerolineas Federales on Aerolineas Federales (Dro East West)
  5. Woman Power by Yoko Ono on Feeling The Space (Secretly Canadian)
  6. A Wall by Downtown Boys on Cost of Living (Sub Pop)
  7. No Big Bang by Priests on Nothing Feels Natural (Sister Polygon)
  8. Second Wave Goodbye by War on Women on War on Women (Bridge Nine)
  9. Time To Get Up by Los Microwaves on Life After Breakfast (Posh Boy Music)
  10. Attention Stockholm by Virna Lindt on Shiver (Compact Records)
  11. The Earthquake Spell for Unwanted Lovers by Louise Huebner on Seduction Through Witchcraft (Warner Bros)
  12. Paranoia Rap by Appliances on 1981 NYC (Appliances)
  13. Basement Queens by Sad13, Lizzo on Basement Queens (Thirty Tigers)
  14. Unzipped Siegfried by Mizutama Shobodan on Gunilla #9 (Mizutama Shobodan)
  15. New Fashion by Nicole Campau on San Jose 1987 (Nicole Campau)
  16. Fratolish Hiang Perpeshki by Gwenno on Y Dydd Olaf (Heavenly Recordings)