My Sick & Twisted Reality 45!


  1. The Sweetest Taboo by Sade on Promise (Epic)
  2. Threnody by Myriam Gendron on Not So Deep As Well (Feeding Tube Records)
  3. Paid by Sudan Archives on Sudan Archives (Stones Throw Records)
  4. Saw U Twice by Nabihah Iqbal on Weighing of the Heart (Ninja Tune)
  5. So Low by Carol on Breakdown (Dirty Dance)
  6. Castle by 100% on 100% (Moontown Records)
  7. Aaj Shanibar by Rupa on Disco Jazz (The Megaphone Company)
  8. The Weekend by SZA on Ctrl (RCA)
  9. This Is Goodbye by Rena & Her Men on Call Me/This Is Goodbye (Rena Records)
  10. Too Much Too Little by Fred Frith on Cheap At Half The Price (Ralph Records)
  11. Everybody Anyone by Itsuroh Shimoda on Love Songs & Lamentations (Universal)
  12. Wildfire by HIDE on Castration Anxiety (Dais Records)
  13. Pt. 2 by Foot SOS (Self-Released)
  14. Black Suite by Shad Shadows on Minor Blues (Disko Obscura)
  15. Drawn and Quartered by Masquerade on Ritual (Danse Macabre)
  16. Spit by Structure on Structure EP (Harbinger Sound)
  17. Wonderful Offer by Lora Logic on Pedigree Charm (Rough Trade)
  18. Smother Love by Crass on Penis Envy (Crass Records)
  19. Golpe De Amistad by Diseno Corbusier on El Alma De La Estrella (Auxilio De Cientos)
  20. Outside Last Year by Piano Rain
  21. Nothing Natural by Consumer Electronics on Dollhouse Songs (Harbinger Sound)
  22. Carceral State by Innocent on Power Hungry And Mindless (Self-Released)