The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/ NECROMOS SPIRITUS 1/30/18


  1. Soul by Autumn Cathedral on Asleep Within Waves
  2. No Tears by Tuxedomoon on No Tears EP
  3. Goo Goo Muck by The Cramps on Psychedelic Jungle
  4. Stairs- Uncertain Journey by Christian Death on Only Theatre Of Pain
  5. Sangre by Parálisis Permanente on Los Singles
  6. It Kills by The Soft Moon on Criminal
  7. I Will Disappear by Red Mecca on You Were Never Here
  8. Human Eyes by Die Robot on Technopunk EP
  9. Death Cures All Pain by Suicide Commando on Implements of Hell
  10. Love by Boy Harsher on Heresy EP
  11. Major Tom by Peter Schilling on Error In The System (Elektra)
  12. Sucker For Your Love by B.A. Robertson on Monster Club s/t
  13. Individuality by Siglo XX
  14. Walkin' The Beat by The Nuns on The Nuns
  15. Jumping Someone Else's Train by The Cure on Three Imaginary Boys
  16. Fall Apart by Ikon on In the Shadow of the Angel
  17. OK This Is The Pops by Tones On Tail on Tones On Tail
  18. Scarlet Fields by The Horrors on Primary Colours