Groundhog's hole


  1. Silhouettes by Herman's Hermits on Herman's Hermits Their Greatest Hits (ABKCO)
  2. Neon by The BV's on Runaway Neon (Melotron Recordings)
  3. Break
  4. Another Sunny Day by Star Tropics on Lost World (Shelflife)
  5. Such a Good Feeling by Even As We Speak on The Black Forest (Emotional Response)
  6. Sunny Somewhere by Al Harper on About Power EP (s/r)
  7. Static Resistance by Hookworms on Microshift (Domino)
  8. Lovers and Such by Applesauce Tears on Pastoral (Black Cottage)
  9. The Drowners by Suede on Suede (Nude Records)
  10. Only Child by Institute on Subordination (Sacred Bones Records)
  11. Tiny Boots by Blowout on We All Float Down Here (Lauren Records)
  12. More Women by Saâda Bonaire on Saâda Bonaire (Captured Tracks)
  13. Sentiment by Better Person on (single) (Mansions and Millions)
  14. Break
  15. Young Again by Gents on Embrace the Future EP (University of Life)
  16. 心臓の扉 / Shinzo No Tobira by Mariah on うたかたの日々/ Utakata No Hibi (Palto Flats)
  17. Break
  18. Far by The Soft Moon on Deeper (Captured Tracks)
  19. Always Then by The KVB on Always Then (Clan Destine Records)
  20. I Think You're the Wrong One by The Jeanies on The Jeanies (Tuff Break Records)
  21. Please Stand By by The Shivvers on The Shivvers (Sing Sing Records)
  22. Girls Like Me by Nikki and the Corvettes on (1981 Single) (BOMP! ‎)
  23. Talk To You by The Bougies on The Bougies (s/r)
  24. Whatever by Aura Bora on Yeah, She Seems Cool (sr)
  25. Children Of Production by Parliament on The Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein (Casablanca)
  26. Trip Ads by Jons on At Work on Several Things (Field Mates Records)
  27. Strange Powers by The Magnetic Fields on Holiday (Merge Records)
  28. The Start Of Something by Voxtrot on The Start Of Something b/w Dirty Version (Cult Hero)
  29. Motor Away by Guided By Voices on Alien Lanes (Matador)
  30. Mannequin - 2006 Remastered Version by Wire on Pink Flag (Harvest)
  31. Wanted by Reckling on Reckling (Burger Records)
  32. Inside Looking Out by The Mops on Monster A Go-Go: Teen Trash Psychadelic Tokyo '66-'69 Volume One (Planet X)