The Revolution Summer 044


  1. Do You Know Who You Are? by Texas Is The Reason on Do You Know Who You Are (Revelation)
  2. Capeside Rock by From Autumn To Ashes on Too Bad You're Beautiful (Ferret)
  3. Minorwye by You Blew It! on Abendrot (Triple Crown)
  4. When "You're" Around by Motion City Soundtrack on Commit this to Memory (Epitaph)
  5. Discovering the Waterfront by Silverstein on Discovering the Waterfront (Victory)
  6. Be My Lobster by Hightide Hotel on Nothing Was Missing, Except Me (Count Your Lucky Stars!)
  7. Hangnail by The Pine on The Pine (Alone)
  8. Comin' Home by City and Colour on Sometimes (Dine Alone)
  9. Let Me Be Your Swear Word by Boys Night Out on Boys Night Out (Ferret)
  10. You Owe Me A Photgraph by Suis La Lune on Demo CDr (Self Released)
  11. Reduced to Teeth by Finch on Say Hello TO Sunshine (Drive Thru)
  12. All Said and Done by Three Summers Gone on Time Well Spent (Substandard)
  13. Clever Pessimistic Remarks by Flowers Taped To Pens on Flowers Taped To Pens (Driftwood)
  14. If I Fail by Cartel on Chroma (The Militia Group)
  15. How We Kill Ourselves by The Lyndsay Diaries on The Tops of Trees are one Fire (The Militia Group)
  16. Sometimes I Feel Like Nothing by Hotel Books on Everything We Could Have Done Differently (Self Released)
  17. Calendar by I Kill Giants on I Kill Giants (Broken World Media)
  18. Snow in June by Frail Hands on Frail Hands (Middle Man)
  19. Franklin by Paramore on All We Know Is Falling (Fueld by Ramen)
  20. Recognize You by Super Unison on Super Uniosn (Self Released)
  21. a Drag in D Flat by Saves the Day on Another Year on the STreets (Vagrant)
  22. 痣で埋まる by Heaven in Her Arms on 黒斑の侵蝕 (Ape Must not Kill Ape)
  23. Concussion by Cerce on Cerce (It's A Trap!)
  24. I Can Tell You About Pain by Converge on The Dusk In Us (Deathwish)
  25. A.E.I.O.U. by Give Up The Ghost on Down Till We Are Underground (Equal Vision)
  26. Under A Killing Moon by Thrice on The Artist In The Ambulance (Island/Def Jam)
  27. Smoke by Looming on Seed (No Sleep)
  28. Young States by Citizen on Young States (Run For Cover)
  29. Aspirins and Alcohol by The Last Days of April on Emo is Evil/Emo is Awesome (Deep Elm)
  30. Tell Me Truly by Pohgoh on All Along (New Granada)
  31. Open Sesame by Grown Ups on More Songs (Top Shelf)
  32. Get Me RIght by Dashboard Confessional on Alter the Ending (Vagrant)
  33. One Eighty by Summer by Taking Back Sunday on Where You Want to Be (Victory)
  34. Bury White by Far on Water & Solutions (Immortal)
  35. Make It A Part by Further Seems Forever on Hide Nothing (Tooth & Nail)
  36. Displacement by Touche Amore on Stage Four (Epitaph)