Episode 13: Life's More Fun When You Have a Favorite Local Band


  1. Straight Boy by Shamir on Revelations (Father/Daughter Records)
  2. Fort Funston by Soar on Dark / Gold (Father/Daughter)
  3. Blue Hell by Pardoner on Uncontrollable Salvation (Father/Daughter Records)
  4. Human Performance by Parquet Courts on Human Performance
  5. Loser by The World on First World Record (Upset the Rhythm)
  6. Protection Hex by Meg Baird & Charlie Saufley on Hexadic III
  7. Not in Yosemite by Boy Scouts on Hobby Limit (Processional Cross)
  8. Well by Club Night on Well
  9. Call again by Mall Walk on Funny Papers (Mt. St. Mtn.)
  10. This Is What I'm Doing by Dick Stusso on Nashville Dreams
  11. Dedicated by Grace Sings Sludge on A Life With Dick (Empty Cellar Records)
  12. Jurgen's Layout by The Peacers
  13. Peacock and Wing by The Fresh & Onlys
  14. Control by Humid
  15. Leather Jacket by Moon Daze
  16. All a Lie by Bear Call on All a Lie
  17. Headlights by Fringe on Fringe EP
  18. Cat Call by The Gems on Secret Fires EP
  19. Baptism '89 by Perhapsy
  20. perfect hair by highandfragile on i was not well (self-released)
  21. Phantom Farewell by Spellling on Pantheon of Me
  22. Gravity & Grace by HETHER FORTUNE
  23. Girl by Rose Droll on Photograph (Self-released)
  24. Destination Moon by Flesh World
  25. Beeters by Preening on Beeters EP (Digital Regress)
  26. These Few Presidents by Why? on Alopecia (Anticon)
  27. Walking by The Dodos on Visiter
  28. The Old Life by Eight Belles on Eight Belles (http://eightbelles.bandcamp.com)
  29. The Process of Weirding Out by Dire Wolves