"In The Mix With Eclectic Kettle"

Ben resolves a difficult choice by abandoning his radio duties in favor of men throwing balls into nets. Luckily Simon is on the west coast for once, and steps into the host's chair for a solo outing.

The Warriors beat the Nets 114-101, too, so everyone's a winner!

Warning: May Contain Elevated Levels Of Progressive House.


  1. Deep Pockets by Gaz Coombes on World's Strongest Man (Self-released)
  2. Bad Choices by Superchunk on What a Time to Be Alive (Merge)
  3. Vamps by Prism Tats on Mamba (Anti)
  4. Velvet Noose by Thunderpussy on Greatest Tits (Hockeytalker Records)
  5. Yellowstone by S. Carey on Hundred Acres (Jagjaguwar)
  6. Saltwater by Geowulf on Great Big Blue (37 Adventures)
  7. 2Ci by Acid Dad on Acid Dad (Greenway Records)
  8. How to Socialize & Make Friends by Camp Cope on How to Socialize & Make Friends (Run For Cover)
  9. Damn Your Love by Ruby Force on Evolutionary War (Self-released)
  10. Hell-On by Neko Case on Hell-On (Anti)
  11. Break
  12. X-ALT by Suuns on Felt (Secretly Canadian)
  13. Unfolding by Rival Consoles on Persona (Erased Tapes)
  14. 'Til It's Over by Anderson .Paak on 'Til It's Over (OBE, LLC)
  15. Emerald Rush by Jon Hopkins on Singularity (Domino)
  16. Here's To Endings by Handsome Ghost on Welcome Back (Photo Finish Records)
  17. All The Snow Is Gone by Sniffle Party on Peach Dream EP (Self-released)
  18. My Dream (Original Mix) by Edvard Hunger on My Dream (Gert Records)
  19. When It's Dark Outside (Maxi Version) by L.S.G. on When It's Dark Outside (Bonzai Progressive)
  20. Zaid (Original Mix) by V-Cious on Zaid EP (Uxoa Dutxa Records)
  21. Inception (Original Mix) by Suntech & Jhonny P on Inception EP (Onestar Records)
  22. White Bebal (Original Mix) by Guy Dillon on White Bebal (ANCL Lincor)
  23. Rush (feat. John Soul) (Original Mix) by Charles D on Rush (Glorie Records)
  24. Abshar (Carmen Rizzo Remix) by Karavan Sarai on Painted Sands (Electrofone)