Episode 2: Let's Listen to Some Weird Stuff

I have come to the awful realization that I'm old and that early 00's stuff is old too. We're going to start hearing a little more obscure and current things this episode! And it's going to be fun! And maybe a little jarring!


  1. Firecracker by Yellow Magic Orchestra on Yellow Magic Orchestra (Alfa)
  2. Sports Men by Haruomi Hosono on Philharmony (Alfa)
  3. Earth to the Moon Knight by スターボー Starbow on STARBOW I (Vivid Sound Corporation)
  4. Hum ghar sajan by Hosono & Yokoo on Cochin Moon (KING)
  5. ピアニストの憂鬱 by World Standard on Allo! (Non Standard)
  6. 眠そうな二人 by Pizzicato Five on couples (CBS/SONY)
  7. Save the last dance by Miharu Koshi on Echo de Miharu (Sixty Records)
  8. 邂逅 by Yellow Magic Orchestra on Naughty Boys (ALFA)
  9. 野ばら by Mishio Ogawa 小川美潮 on 4 to 3 (Epic/Sony)
  10. 砂漠のマリアンヌ by Manekineko Kagekidan 招き猫カゲキ団 on 第一歌曲集 (Telegraph Records)
  11. Don't Touch The Switchboard by Lizard on Lizard (Windmill)
  12. Rydeen by Yellow Magic Orchestra on Solid State Survivor (ALFA)
  13. Twiggy Twiggy by Pizzicato Five on Made in USA (Seven Gods Records)
  14. tiC taC by Capsule on L.D.K. Lounge Designers Killer (Contemode)
  15. 空に舞うまぼろし by Mariah on うたかたの日々 (Shan-Shan)
  16. Last train to Clarksville by Plastics on Welcome Plastics (Invitation)
  17. Saru To Yuki To Gomi No Kodomo by sakamoto ryuichi on Left Handed Dream (Epic)
  18. ザ・ワードII by Shigeo Sekito on Special Sound Servies Vol. 2: ザ・ワード (Columbia)
  19. 東京スウィート by Chakra on チャクラ (Self-Titled) (Wax Records)
  20. SAMBA NATSU SAMBA by キャンディーズ Candies! on 夏が来た! (CBS/sony)
  21. アフターケア (After Care) by Kunio Muramatsu on Green Water (Japan Record ‎– JAL-40)
  22. Thousand Knives by Ryuichi Sakamoto on Thousand Knives (Better Days)
  23. I'll be there by Ryuichi Sakamoto & Kazumi Watanabe on Tokyo Joe (Denon)
  24. weekend in my ROOM (feat.Hazel Nuts Chocolate) by capsule on phony phonic (Contemode)
  25. Fairly Terry by Variété on Location at Hollywood (Kitchen Records)