Tuff Signals - Episode 59


  1. Counting The Days by Audacity on Counting the Days (Suicide Squeeze Records)
  2. We Never Will by Bad Daddies on Hard Left​/Bad Daddies split 7 (Emotional Response Records)
  3. 14th Floor by Wild Wild Wets on 14th Floor (Self Released)
  4. Party With Me by O Presidente on Crazy Swells (Self Released)
  5. Red Roulette by Dirty Dishes on GUILTY (Exploding In Sound Records)
  6. LOST MY WAY by bonny doon on Bonny Doon (Salinas Records)
  7. In II Deep by Connections on 5 Imaginary Boys (HoZac Records)
  8. Every Boy And Girl by Glyders on Demo (Self Released)
  9. Big Mac by The Lemons on Judey (Tripp Tapes)
  10. SAY by all dogs on 7 (Self Released)
  11. Hush by The Delphines on Hush (Self Released)
  12. Different Person by Nervous Talk on Nervous Talk 2015 (Self Released)
  13. My Life by Bad Cop Bad Cop on Boss Lady (Fat Wreck Chords)
  14. Sa Sha Da by Seth Pettersen on Sweet Reaper (Burger Records)
  15. Alien Bride by The Lad Mags on Hypnotized 7 (Self Produced)
  16. Glitter Fish by Jellyy on Wake Up (Self Released)
  17. Break
  18. No Angel by Lazy on West End Sessions (Self Released)
  19. Highway Lines by REAL GHOSTS on Fearful Symmetry (Self Released)
  20. Shivering Timbers by Running Shoes on Running Shoes // SRVVLST (Black Ajah Records)
  21. Answering Machine by Lawnmower on This Is a Tribute to the Replacements (Save Your Generation Records)
  22. Free Way by Miami Dolphins on Becky (FPE Records)
  23. No Love by France Camp on The Greatest of All-Time #1 (Forged Artifacts)
  24. Secret Ships by Bleach Party on Bleach Party Bingers Split (Dumpster Tapes)
  25. Discotheque by The CRY! on Dangerous Game (Self Released)
  26. Dripping Pan by Bad Channels on Bad Channels (King Fisher Bluez)
  27. Animal by Moon Duo on Shaddow of the Sun (Sacred Bones)
  28. Controlled Burn by Happy Fangs on Capricorn (Self Released)
  29. Go​-​Go Ladies (From Outer Space) by Psychomagic on Bad Ideas (Self Released)
  30. Mr. Face by Ty Segall on Mr. Face (Famous Calss)
  31. Distress by Casual Sweetheart on Dark Summer (Self Released)
  32. Frank Infatuation by Real Numbers on The Greatest of All-Time #1 (Forged Artifacts)
  33. Hideous Heart by The Bingers on Gonna Get You (Tall Pat Records)
  35. Good Drugs by Brat Kings on Good Drugs/Watermelons 7 (Self Released)