A Thick Mist (March 12, 2018)

Got a couple old Three Lobed jams, some Christian organ played by a child, Marine Corps training, the new Summoning, and some old Tuareg folk.


  1. Gnosis Pt. III by Nihill on Krach (Monumentum)
  2. Arouia Idaoua Ouf Emri by Unknown musicians from Eneden of the Kel Issekeneren on Tuareg Music Of The Southern Sahara (Folkways)
  3. Descent B by Yellow Swans on Descent (Three Lobed)
  4. Side A by Dr. Ronald E. Odom on Living In The Red (Kingston)
  5. Superpartner by John Davis on Ask The Dust (Students Of Decay)
  6. With Doom I Come by Summoning on With Doom I Come (Napalm)
  7. Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning by Marisa Anderson on Traditional And Public Domain Songs (Mississippi)
  8. How Great Thou Art by Ronnie Davitt on Do You Know My Jesus? (self released)
  9. Main Title by Jerry Goldsmith on Damien - Omen II Soundtrack (20th Century Fox)
  10. Just, Wretched by The Body on The Body / Whitehorse split (Aum War / Sweat Lung)
  11. Side B by Basalt Fingers on Basalt Fingers (Three Lobed)
  12. Side B by John Hart on The Making Of A Marine! (Documentary)
  13. Break
  14. Percussion And Ritual Chants by Unknown musicians from Agbaja on Folk Music Of Ghana (Folkways)