transfiguration # 37

Melanie DJ first hour, Billshitski second hour. Peace be with you.


  1. My Little Fantasy by 4 Tune Fairytales on --
  2. Lead The Way by Hypnotic Brass Ensemble on Book of Sound
  3. All of the sudden by Larajji on Larajji
  4. In My Coffin by Yunggoth on U Lied To Me
  5. Tonight by MHYSA - fantasii on MHYSA - fantasii
  6. Under your spell by Bladee on Working on Dying
  7. Top Down (feat. Leikeli47) by Kari Faux on Kari Faux
  8. Thug It Out by TT The Artist on --
  9. Tchiriri by Magnesio on ---
  10. Bad City Girl by Grotto II on Grotto II
  11. circadian by Mike Simonetti – Sam Sparro on --
  12. Gold Soul Theory by The Underachievers on Indigoism
  13. When you die by MGMT on MGMT
  14. When you die by MGMT on MGMT
  15. Gentlemen Take Polariods by Japan on Japan
  16. Liquid Deep by Dreamcast on Liquid Deep
  17. My Love Turns to Liquid by Dream 2 Science on Dream 2 Science
  18. Pass The Time (Rimbaudian Remix) by oose Dawa on Moose Dawa
  19. Knowing by Hanna on Caught In The Mxyzptik
  20. Deejay Astral - Duality by Fede Lng, Deejay Astral on Pack The Pipe
  21. Next to you by KEMT on MORNING AFTER
  22. avant vibing by Rimbaudian on Rimbaudian
  23. why the hype by Rimbaudian on Rimbaudian
  24. and so much more by Dj psychiatre on deep dans les discos
  25. lost and found by Rimbaudian on Rimbaudian