Van Jams Trips into Spring


  1. The Garden by Sam Cohen on Cool It (long hair don't care)
  2. Cricket and the Genie-Movement I, The Delirium by The Claypool Lennon Delirium on Monolith of Phobos (Prawn Song Records)
  3. They Dated Steadily by Mink Mussel Creek on Mink Mussel Manticore (maybe something sea based?)
  4. Over the Electric Grapevine by Primus on Tales from the Punchbowl (the drug label (obvi))
  5. Loose Sutures by Fuzz on Fuzz (also drugs)
  6. These Shadows by Wooden Shjips on Back to Land (I'm too busy jamming)
  7. The Only One by The Dolly Rocker Movement on Our Days (Bad Afro Records)
  8. Some Sunsick Day by Morgan Delt on Some Sunsick Day (Subpop)
  9. Generator by Gap Dream on Generator b/w A Little Past Midnight (Suicide Squeeze Records)
  10. Mind Daze by Psychic Ills on Hazed Dreams (Sacred Bones Records)
  11. LSD and the Search for God by The Blue Angel Lounge on The Blue Angel Lounge (I'm guessing they didn't find him)
  12. Yeah Right by Tori Y Moi on Live From Trona (live from somewhere)
  13. Remember Me by Tame Impala on InnerSpeaker (short hair don't care)
  14. Blue Day by Darker My Love on 2 (bloodsuckers)
  15. When I Come to by Here Lies Man on Here Lies Man (Riding Easy Records)
  16. Vs. Culture by Make Up on After Dark (black n white hipster label)
  17. Doused by DIIV on Oshin (i'm too busy thinking about losing my ego)
  18. 2020 by Suuns on Imaged Du Futur (i'mma hungry)
  19. Night Tripper by Holy Wave on Relax (Bad Vibrations Recordings)
  20. Black Crayon by Christian Bland and the Revelators on Pig Boat (ha ha ha, pig boat is pretty funny)
  21. A Forming by JJUUJJUU on FRST (i have no idea how to pronounce the band name)