Episode 17: Ecstatic Music

Previewed 13 live shows this week, find one to go to.


  1. Asking for a Friend by Shopping on The Official Body (FatCat)
  2. Hot Shopper by The World on First World Record
  3. Excuse Generator by Lithics on Mating Surfaces
  4. Locket by Crumb on Locket (Citrus City)
  5. Dreams of You by Pllush on Please
  6. Frio Severo by Combo Chimbita on El Corredor Del Jaguar (Names You Can Trust)
  7. First Time by Cones
  8. Calm Down by Kid Trails on Naming EP
  9. O Su Yung by Perhapsy on THE
  10. Rally by Club Night on Hell Ya (Tiny Engines)
  11. No Pain by Patti on h.a.g.s.
  12. Warm by Strange Ranger on Daymoon
  13. Try to be Someone by Doncat on Try to be Someone
  14. Jean Is Gone by L.A. Salami on Jean Is Gone
  15. Modern Music by Dick Stusso on In Heaven (Hardly Art Records)
  16. Not in Yosemite by Boy Scouts on Hobby Limit (Processional Cross)
  17. My Regrets by Joy Cyr
  18. I Call Lately by Latitude on L'atitude
  19. The Old Life by Eight Belles on Eight Belles
  20. In Some Time by Paula Frazer and Tarnation on In Some Time (EP) (MRG Recordings)
  21. Bluebird by Bonnie Raitt on Bonnie Raitt
  22. Benevolent Panic by Lars Finberg on Moonlight Over Bakersfield (In The Red)
  23. Don't Bend by Devon McClive
  24. The Upside Down by Token Girl
  25. Favorite Toy by Ritual Veil on Wolf In The Night
  26. Comatose by Zanna Nera on Primeval Memory (Self-Released)
  27. My Spine by World Smasher on Why Are You Still Talking (Big Crazy)
  28. Used to Be by Terry Malts
  29. Worms (Pow! Remix) by Cold Beat on Worms EP
  30. Houston by Time Fraud on Time/Fraud (self-released)
  31. Tunnel Vision by Sirena Victima on To You And Yours
  32. Kumbaya by The Shell Corporation
  33. Bathing by Pregrine on Bathing EP