Drag City


  1. Punks in the Beer Light by Silver Jews on Tanglewood Numbers (Drag City)
  2. All Downhill from Here by Jim O'Rourke on Insignificance (Drag City)
  3. Dress Sexy At My Funeral by Smog on Dongs of Sevotion (Drag City)
  4. For Soren Muller by Gastr del Sol on The Serpentine Similar (Drag City)
  5. Christmas (California) by Cynthia Dall on untitled (Drag City)
  6. Too Happy by Edith Frost on Calling Over Time (Drag City)
  7. Greycedes by On Your Own Love Again on Jessica Pratt (Drag City)
  8. Swansea by Joanna Newsom on The Milk Eyed Mender (Drag City)
  9. Work Hard/Play Hard by Palace Music on Viva Last Blues (Drag City)
  10. Black Fly by Circuit des Yeux on Reaching for Indigo (Drag City)
  11. A Minor Place by Bonnie "Prince" Billy on I See A Darkness (Drag City)
  12. Find Me by Cate Le Bon on Crab Day (Drag City)
  13. You're The Doctor by Ty Segall on Twins (Drag City)
  14. The Banana Question by Royal Trux on Accelerator (Drag City)