The Hanging Garden Radio Show w/DJ Zlaya 3/27/2018!


  1. Same Old Madness by Ministry on Video
  2. Metal Machine Music (The Machinist Version) by Die Krupps on 1
  3. Gotter by Orange Sector on Flashback
  4. Crane by Nitzer Ebb
  5. Death Is Calling by Signal Aout 42
  6. Waiting Here by Skeletal Family on Burning Oil
  7. Tongue Of Fire by Gitane Demone on Love And Dementia
  8. Books On The Bonfire by The Bolshoi on 1986 (F(r)iends)
  9. Wrong Direction by Crisis Actor
  10. In The Position To Know by De Press on Product
  11. Genocide by Meat Beat Manifesto on Armed Audio Warfare
  12. The Trap by X-Marks The Pedwalk on Human Desolation
  13. Flesh by A Split Second on Ballistic Statues
  14. Diabolic Changes by Fekton Felker on From Here To Heaven
  15. Verschwende Deine Jugend by Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft on Gold Und Liebe
  16. Cathode Mamma by Krisma on Cathode Mamma
  17. I Am A Vocoder by Gay Cat Park
  18. Forgive & Forget by Zoo Boutique