Melters 011615


  1. Hellraiser Theme by Coil on Unreleased Themes for Hellraiser (Torso)
  2. Ten by Pink Playground on Pink Dream (FLA Records & Tapes)
  3. Avorton by Edith Nylon on Bloodstains Across France (Bootleg)
  4. The Cliffs of Madness by Male Gaze (Mt.St.Mtn.)
  5. Never Was by Bloody Knives on Split Cassette with Screen Vinyl Image (Accidental Guest Recordings)
  6. Don't Talk to Me by Eyes on 7" comp (What? Records)
  7. Church Bells by Orion on Demo (Self-Released)
  8. Dream Machine by Low Life on Dogging (Disinfect/RIP Society)
  9. Dark World by Coconuts on Coconuts (No Quarter)
  10. Freeze by Yi on Crying (Self-released)
  11. Carquinez by Cruel Summer on Cruel Summer EP (Mt.St.Mtn.)
  12. Too Far Gone by Scorched Earth Policy on Going Through A Hole In the Back of Your Head (Siltbreeze)
  13. Tattoos Are Stoopid by Cheater Slicks on Walk into the Sea (Dead Canary Records)
  14. Nihilist by Raw Power on You Are The Victim (Meccano Records)
  15. The Milky Way by The Rebel on KROT (Monofonus Press)
  16. Suffer Beach by Oily Boys on Majesty (Disinfect)
  17. Spider Man by Spider Man on City Baby Attacked by Bats (DJ Chi2)
  18. Sex Cross by Sex Cross on City Baby Attacked by Bats (DJ Chi2)
  19. 2 by Fabulous Diamonds on Fabulous Diamonds II (Siltbreeze)
  20. Crime for Revenge by Ultra-Violent (Riot City)
  21. Fight with no Fear by Warhead on Cry of Truth (Self-released)
  22. Life by Actives on Riot (Quiet)
  23. Tumor Boy by Mentally Ill on Gacy's Place (Autistic Records)
  24. Failure by No Fraud on The EP (¡No Clubs! Records)
  25. Brave New World by Genetic Control on First Impressions (Generic Records)
  26. No New Friends by Clean Girls on American Mothers / Last House CS (Accidental Guest)
  27. Tiny Tim Allen Wrench by NASA Space Universe on Across the Wounded Galaxies (Shogun Records)
  28. Influencer by Gay Kiss on Summer 2014 Promo Cassette (Self-released)
  29. Outcast Stomp by G.L.O.S.S. on Demo (Not Normal Tapes)
  30. Ya No Formo Parte De Esto by Ataque Frontal on Ataque Frontal (New Wave Records)
  31. Death is Arriving by Guillotine on Edge of Doom demo (Self-released)
  32. Escoria by R.I.P. on No Te Muevas (Basati Diskak)
  33. Poluição Atômica by Ratos de Porão on SUB (Bootleg)
  34. Alcoholiday by Teenage Fanclub on Bandwagonesque (Creation)