Episode 2: K'in Sventa Hosts, Matt Bloom of 77 Rise Recordings Guests

Episode 2 of Opal Heights... still working out the bugs.

This week K'in Sventa plays some cuts from local hip-hop and electronic artists and welcomes guest Matt Bloom of 77 Rise Recordings, blessing us with a few tracks from his "Handsome Mix".  At the end of the broadcast we pay tribute to Brendon "Alias" Whitney who passed away on Friday, 3/30/18 from a heart attack at the age of 41. Co-founder of anticon. , an influential Bay Area label now based in LA, Alias was a prolific soloist...member of Deep Puddle Dynamics with Slug, Doseone, and Sole...So-Called Artists with Sole and DJ Mayonnaise...producer of countless tracks for other artists...and a collaborator with Rona 'Tarsier' Rapadas.

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R.I.P. Alias https://www.anticon.com/artist/alias


  1. Keep It Cool (Demo) by Wizard Apprentice on Keep It Cool (Practical Records) Info
  2. Be on My Side by Melanie Charles on The Girl With the Green Shoes (Hot Record Societé) Info
  3. Amfrex 1 by Wolf Langis on Amfrex (True Indigo) Info
  4. Suffocated By Air Quotes by Wolf Langis on Suffocated by Air Quotes b​/​w Dwelling in Dead Skin Cells (True Indigo) Info
  5. Sum by K'in Sventa w/ Wolf Langis on (Unreleased) ((Unreleased)) Info
  6. Here With Me by Sincerely, Mando on Ren Pleasure Palaces ((Self-Released)) Info
  7. Uplifted After This by eighty9s on The Sunset (Lo-Fiction) Info
  8. Kendrick Lamar - Humble (eighty9s Remix) by eighty9s on Flip the Tape (Lo-Fiction) Info
  9. E-40 - Sprinkle Me (feat. Suga-T) [eighty9s Remix] by eighty9s on Flip the Tape (Lo-Fiction) Info
  10. B4 DAT TRIP Freestyle (Prod by Daoud) by Spote Breeze on (Unreleased) ((Unreleased)) Info
  11. One Day by pAS dOO on Think Less Doo More (Hot Record Societé) Info
  12. Cosmic Visions & space koolaid by Kubes on Space Fruit, Vol. 2 (77 Rise Recordings) Info
  13. Dorkiest jam since the dawn of time by salami rose joe louis on Zlaty Sauce Nephew (Hot Record Societé) Info
  14. Roots by Astu on Patterns - EP ((Self-Released)) Info
  15. my mind's got a mind of its own by vio on vio (True Indigo) Info
  16. Cuttin Up Leaves 4 Breakfast by Stefen Lazer on Karma (77 Rise Recordings) Info
  17. U on my soul by Stefen Lazer on Karma (77 Rise Recordings) Info
  18. Sun II Moon by Asonic Garcia on Umaga (SICKONASTY) Info
  19. [do you] w/ earoh by mejiwåhn on (Unreleased) ((Unreleased)) Info
  20. Devotion by Heddy Fur on (Unreleased) ((Unreleased)) Info
  21. Seabirdies by Cheflee on Hawaii Tape ((Self-Released)) Info
  22. Live Beat Set by Matt Bloom on Handsome Mix (1-16) (77 Rise Recordings) Info
  23. Fountain Valley by LI XI on LI XI ((Self-Released)) Info
  24. I Don't Know How To Start This by So-Called Artists on Paint By Numbers Songs (Mush Records) Info
  25. Watching Water by Alias on The Other Side of the Looking Glass (anticon.) Info
  26. Plutonium by Sole on Selling Live Water (anticon.) Info