Episode 3: Denley & DJ4AM

This week Denley (Hallowed Articles, Yellow Year)'s set is packed with new and unreleased cuts from local hip-hop and electronic artists.  At the beginning of the broadcast we pay tribute again with a poem from recent Fake Four Inc. signee OneWerd to anticon. cofounder Brendon "Alias" Whitney who passed away on Friday, 3/30/18 from a heart attack at the age of 41.  R.I.P. Alias.  Co-host 4AM joins towards the end of the program to play tracks from upcoming releases on his label the Vampire on a Pony Network.

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OneWerd, Buddy Leezle, Crested, alloneNimsins, Asonic Garcia, Cheflee, Joe Mousepad (Jay3M), NorthernDraw, Spote Breeze, Tyler Holmes, Benito, Jay Stone, Tel Cairo, Chuuwee, I.VII.I.IX, Exray'sMark AubertBriana MarelaSalami Rose Joe Louis, Peter Feliciano, Harbour, Ruby IbarraK'in Sventa, Stanley IpkussMophono


  1. For Alias by OneWerd
  2. Untitled (feat. The Zap Tap) by Buddy Leezle on Broken Leezle (Forthcoming)
  3. Okami by Crested on Dreamscape (Self-Released)
  4. unherd by allone on Small Victories, Vol. 2 (Self-Released)
  5. Ounces by Broken Convertibles on Water for the Town Compilation (Forthcoming) (Self-Released)
  6. Avenue by NimSins on Me Vs Me (Lo-Fiction)
  7. Spoons by Asonic Garcia and Cheflee on LAHAT (Hot Record Societé)
  8. Whistle Song by Joe Mousepad and NorthernDraw on Play / Rec (Thirsty City)
  9. Just How I Felt by Spote Breeze on NA (Self-Released)
  10. Hate Party (Demo) by Tyler Holmes and Denley on Hate Party (Forthcoming) (NA)
  11. newdrum march11 2018 by Benito on NA (NA)
  12. Flying Monkeys by Jay Stone on Calibration of An Altered Mind (Forthcoming) (NA)
  13. Speaker Damage (feat. Chuuwee) by Tel Cairo on Black Is... (ILLICIT)
  14. Arpenter (Demo) by Them Prisms on NA (NA)
  15. Miami Advice by Exray's on Easy Bay: House, Disco, Boogie & Other Oddities (Easy Bay)
  16. Control by Work (NA)
  17. Late Winter by Mark Aubert on Earwax Fizzica (Fuzzoscope)
  18. Following a Lie (feat. Briana Marela) by Denley on Close, Within Reach (Yellow Year Records)
  19. Crawwee by Salami Rose Joe Louis on Son of a Sauce! (Hot Record Société)
  20. Feel It Coming by OneWerd and Pete Feliciano on OneWerd & Pete Feliciano (Self-Released)
  21. pray alone by Harbour on NA (NA)
  22. US (feat. Rocky Rivera, Klassy, and Faith Santilla) by Ruby Ibarra on CIRCA91 (Self-Released)
  23. Untitled (Demo) by K'in Sventa and Denley on NA (NA)
  24. Citynights by Stanley Ipkuss, Ewonee Thee Beatnik on .indefinite. (Self-Released)
  25. O Superman (Mophono Version) by Laurie Anderson on NA (NA)
  26. Live Set by DJ4AM on Live Set (Vampire on a Pony Network)