On Some Dilla Shit.


  1. 2 The Official by Jay Dee on Champion Sound (Stones Throw)
  2. Raw Addict by J Dilla on Champion Sound (Stones Throw)
  3. One Little Indian (Buckwild Remix) by Jay Dee (Premeditated Records)
  4. Soul Power by Common on Electric Circus (MCA Records)
  5. Clap Your Hands by Guilty Simpson (Stones Throw)
  6. Say How I Feel by Jay Dee on AKA Jay Yancey (Golden Years)
  7. It's a Party by Busta Rhymes (Elektra)
  8. Vibe Sessions by Proof (Sideshow Recordings)
  9. One Little Indian by Jaydee's hit remix instrumental (Premeditated Records)
  10. Me and Those Dreamy Eyes by D'Angelo (Golden Age)
  11. It's Going Down by Mad Skillz (Big Beat)
  12. I Don't Know by Slum Village on Fantastic Vol. 2 (Good Vibe Recordings)
  13. Eve by Spacek (Blue)
  14. The Rhyme by Keith Murray (Jive)
  15. Fall in Love by Slum Village on Fantastic Vol. 2 (Good Vibe)
  16. Ain't Got Time by Roy Ayers on He's Coming (Polydor)
  17. Little Brother by Black Star (MCA)
  18. Snakes by Joey Bada$$ on 1999 (Pro Era)
  19. Y (Be Like That) by Pharcyde (Jaydee remix) (Delicious Vinyl)
  20. Drop by Pharcyde on Labcabincalifornia (Delicious Vinyl)
  21. Sitting On Chrome by Masta Ace (Jaydee remix) (Delicious Vinyl)
  22. Stakes is High by De La Soul on Stakes is High (Tommy Boy)
  23. Whoo Hah! Got You All in Check by Busta Rhymes (Elektra)
  24. Whoo Hah! Got you All in Check by Busta Rhymes (Elektra)
  25. Let's Ride by Q-Tip on Amplified (Arista)
  26. Sometimes by Brand New Heavies (Delicious Vinyl)
  27. Thelonious by Common on Like Water for Chocolate (MCA)
  28. Find a Way by A Tribe Called Quest on The Love Movement (Jive)
  29. A Day With the Homiez by 1st Down (Payday)
  30. Reckless Driving by Jay Dee on Ruff Draft (Stones Throw)
  31. Fuck the Police by Jay Dee (Up Above Records)
  32. As Serious As Your Life (Jay Dee Remix) by Four Tet (Domino)
  33. Runnin by Pharcyde on Labcabincalifornia (Delicious Vinyl)
  34. Rico Suave Bossa Nova by J Dilla on Welcome to Detroit (BBE)
  35. The Throwaway by Yancey Boys (Delicious Vinyl)
  36. Detroit by Jay Dee (Delicious Vinyl)
  37. Conant Gardens by Slum Village on Fantastic Vol 2 (Good Vibe)
  38. In Yo Face by Jay Dee (Delicous Vinyl)
  39. Oblighetto by Brother Jack McDuff (J Dilla Remix) (Blue Note)