Father/Daughter Records


  1. Slop by Forth Wanderers on Know Better (Father/Daughter)
  2. Heart of Hearts by Anna McClellan on Yes and No (Father/Daughter)
  3. The Washing Machine by Sports on All of Something (Father/Daughter)
  4. Gap Yr Boiz by T-Rextasy on Jurassic Park (Father/Daughter)
  5. Harvard by Diet Cig on Over Easy (Father/Daughter)
  6. Starting Again by Lisa Prank on Adult Teen (Father/Daughter)
  7. Romcom by Who Is She? on Seattle Gossip (Father/Daughter)
  8. Minneapolis by Vagabon on Infinite Worlds (Father/Daughter)
  9. Uncontrollable Salvation by Pardoner on Uncontrollable Salvation (Father/Daughter)
  10. Lady MacBeth & Miss Havisham by Hiccup on Imaginary Enemies (Father/Daughter)
  11. All the Time by Fits on All Belief Is Paradise (Father/Daughter)
  12. Not My Kinda Movie by Nadine on oh my (Father/Daughter)
  13. Straight Boy by Shamir on Revelations (Father/Daughter)
  14. A Werewolf by Attic Abasement on Dancing is Depressing (Father/Daughter)
  15. let gO Of my egO by Nnamdi Ogbonnaya on DROOL (Father/Daughter)
  16. When Morning Comes by Remember Sports on Sunchokes (Father/Daughter)
  17. Franz Kafka by Sharpless on Faux Real (Father/Daughter)