Creep Magnet #51


  1. Flowers and Rope by Princess Nokia on A Girl Cried Red (Rough Trade)
  2. Michael Ozone's Liital Rhythm by Aby Ngana Diop on Hunchin' All Night (Rush Hour)
  3. Tajir Waa Ilah by Dur-Dur Band on Volume 5 (Awesome Tapes from Africa)
  4. Leave Me Alone by Professor Rhythm on Bafana Bafana (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
  5. Flowers - Sunship Edit by Sweet Female Attitude on In Person (MILKK Records)
  6. Nitelife - Masters At Work Nite Mix by Kim English (n/a)
  7. Movin Too Fast (radio mix) by Romina Johnson on Movin Too Fast (Alta Tensione srl)
  8. Robot by Alla Pugacheva (n/a)
  9. In the Waiting Line by Zero 7 on Simple Things (New State Entertainment)