Since their first release in 2009, WWNBB (We Were Never Being Boring) collective is a label spread between California and Italy. Samuele sits at ES today presenting the label, their history, past and future release


  1. Guardian of the Men by Weird Bloom on Blisstonia (WWNBB)
  2. Everything You'll Need by The Yellow Traffic Lights on Words Between Walls (WWNBB)
  3. After You by My Bubba & Mi on How's Done in Italy (WWNBB)
  4. Lillies by The Ian Fays on The Most Spectacular Party (WWNBB)
  5. Travelin' Man by Still Flyin' on Travelin' Man (WWNBB)
  6. 31 by Burnt Palms on Back On My Wall (WWNBB)
  7. Repulsor by Crescendo on Unless (WWNBB)
  8. Middle Of Nowhere by Brothers In Law on Raise (WWNBB)
  9. Lost Boy by Be Forest on Earthbeat (WWNBB)
  10. Selfdestructive girlfriends by Frida & Ale on I Don't Like See Others Having Fun (WWNBB)
  11. I Keep My Headphones On by Soda Fountain Rag on I Keep My Headphones On (WWNBB)
  12. Fever Free by Dizzyride on Dizzyride (WWNBB)
  13. End by Echopark on Ties (WWNBB)
  14. Chlorine by Birthh on Born In The Woods (WWNBB)
  15. The Unclog (unreleased) by The Jackson Pollock on Cherry Go (WWNBB)
  16. Matches by Hund (WWNBB)
  17. In Weston by Jake Bellissimo on The Good We've Sewn (WWNBB)
  18. Find Me by Skelets on Me on Sometimes I Wish Your Eyes COuld Speak (WWNBB)
  19. Prickly Pear by Her Skin on Find A Place To Sleep (WWNBB)
  20. Gone To Sea by A Classic Education on Hey There Stranger (WWNBB)