Radioculars 15//3: Hot New Jams


  1. Feel the Lightning by Dan Deacon on Gliss Riffer (Domino)
  2. Dinghy by Alek Hidell on Dinghy (Bad Panda)
  3. Foot by Krill on A Distant Fist Unclenching (Exploding in Sound)
  4. Bobby by Lightning Bug
  5. Lady Red by Travis Bretzer on Waxing Romantic (Mexican Summer)
  6. Scene Sick by Diet Cig (Father/Daughter)
  7. Got Somebody to Dream About by Summer Twins (Burger Records)
  8. Happy Carrot Health Food Store by Sonny & the Sunsets on Talent Night at the Ashram (Polyvinyl)
  9. Slutever by WET DRESS
  10. Seeing Hands by Dengue Fever on Dengue Fever (Burger Records)
  11. Kim Vincent Fowley by Kim Fowley on Kim Vincent Fowley (Burger Records)
  12. Zero Zero by Arp (Mexican Summer)
  13. Lydia by Danny James Etc. on Pear (Burger Records)
  14. Melt Me by Hanni El Khatib on Moonlight (Innovative Leisure)
  15. Silhouettes by Viet Cong on Viet Cong (Jagjaguwar)
  16. Loved by Levitation Room (Burger Records)
  17. Wide Awake by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith on Euclid (Western Vinyl)
  18. Beginning of the End by Astral Swans on All My Favorite Singers Are Willie Nelson (Madic Records)
  19. Like A Version by Never Young on Master Copy (Father/Daughter Records)
  20. Auto Neutron by The Fat White Family on Champagne Holocaust (Fat Possum)
  21. Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair by Grooms on Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair (Western Vinyl)
  22. God Lived As a Devil Dog by Bad Kisser on Bate Kush
  23. I've Never Been More Alive by Pop Zeus & Wyatt Blair (Lollipop Records)
  24. Running in Circles by POP ETC on Running in Circles
  25. Golden Fog by HOLY
  26. Decided Knowledge by Dutch Uncles on Dutch Uncles (Memphis Industries)
  27. Even Steven by blludd relations
  28. Van Hammersly by Yalls
  29. I Don't Mind by Hierophants on I Don't Mind (GonerRecords)