transfiguration #50 - Billshitski via Tina Burner


  1. Meditation Hypnosis: Aboriginal Spirit by Native Meditation Zone Meditation
  2. First Distance by Les Halles on Zephyr
  3. Ulahi and Eyo:bo Sing With Afternoon Cicadas by Bosavi Musicians on Bosavi Rainforest Music from Papau New Guinea
  4. Jwé Póté: Ki Bèl Bato (with Christiana Jean-Paul, Ives Simeon & Peterson Celise) [St Lucia] by Zitga Celise on Smithsonian Folkways World Music Collection
  5. Haet Hout by Tampoan Flute Player on Ethnic Minority Music of Northeast
  6. Cures For All by Ayahuasca Icaros on Icaros For Ceremony 2
  7. Waldorf Micro Q by Yhdessa on One Instrument Volume 01
  8. Cocoon Village by Hegira Moya on Slow Vein
  9. Interlude (D.K Remix) by Seb Wildblood on The One With (The Remixes)
  10. Blu Terra by Carlos Maria on Hunchin' All Night
  11. Canción Waunana (Chancha Via Circuito Remix) by Frente Bolivarista on Frente Bolivarista Vol.4 - Nômades
  12. Los Sueños (Barrio Lindo Remix) by SidiRum & Barda on Los Sueños
  13. Malandro De Boa by Lagartijeando on Caboclo
  14. Cumbia Estereo (El Búho Remix) by Super Grupo Colombia on Cumbias de Oro
  15. Quemada by YEAHMAN on Transborda
  16. Happiness is a Side Effect (Original) by Andrés Oddone on Happiness is a Side Effect
  17. Sputnik by Dennis Young on Synthesis
  18. Dreamy Prophet by Mateis e. aqir
  19. Infinite Dreamz by No Moon on Infinite Dreamz
  20. Homo_E by Arovane & Porya Hatami on Organism_Evolution
  21. Raindance by Call Super on Suzi Ecto
  22. Aloe Drink by Khotin on Aloe Drink
  23. Trail Mix (Mike Simonetti Remix) by Earth Boys on Trail Remix
  24. Ghost Rocket by Dennis Young on Synthesis
  25. A Parade by Loidis on A Parade, In The Place I Sit, The Floating World (& All Its Pleasures)
  26. One Evening in July by Chevel on Always Yours
  27. Submarine Dance by Orlando on Play Time: Music For Video Games
  28. Sagrada by DJ Seinfeld on Sakura
  29. Diffuse by 21st Century Wolf on Gen Nova
  30. Last One by DJ Heure on Eastbound
  31. Far Off by Secret Lover on Lost & Found
  32. Underwater by Chevel on Always Yours
  33. Olvidate de mxcri y vámonos al mar by San Ignacio on Lugares Para Nadar