Ep 23: "Adventures Close to Home"

All local hits, plus live environments for you this week:

Tue: Perhapsy/ Foliage at Brick & Mortar;

Wed: Las Dueñas album release w/ Qing Qi / Ohmi / Versoul at Brick & Mortar;

Wed: Sugar Candy Mountain album release w/ Papercuts at the Rickshaw Stop.

"Adventures Close to Home" is the title of Oakland bar White Horse's live series, with Anna McClellan and Toner playing this Thursday.


  1. The Other Day by Foliage on III (Z Tapes)
  2. Baptism '89 by Perhapsy on THE
  3. Do It For by Ohmi on 5:15 EP
  4. 5 in the Morning by Las Dueñas on Las Dueñas
  5. Silent by Versoul (formerly Babii Cris) on Fearless
  6. Young Bitches Got the Torch by Qing Qi on If The Niggah Ain't Shit, Play This For His Bitch
  7. Loyalty by Li Xi on LI XI
  8. Roshambo by Banzai Cliff on Hypothetical Love (Tank Beach Tapes)
  9. Mint by Dumb on Seeing Green
  10. Ortega by Pllush on Stranger to the Pain (Father/Daughter Records)
  11. Leisure by Marbled Eye on Promo Tape 2018
  12. Sheet Cake by Warp on EP
  13. Alibi by Kamerin on Complicated Matters
  14. That's Fine by Toner on LP
  15. Raspberry Wound by Toner on Killing Pace
  16. Heart of Hearts by Anna McClellan on Yes and No (Father/Daughter)
  17. Split in Two by Sugar Candy Mountain on Do Right
  18. Boys of Summer by Papercuts on Sing Me to Sleep comp
  19. You Can't Play With My Yo-Yo by Yo-Yo
  20. Follow the Leader by Eric B. & Rakim on Follow the Leader
  21. The Main Pretender by Ty Segall on Freedom's Goblin (Drag City)
  22. Lovely Bloodflow by Baths on Cerulean (anticon)
  23. Could Be Parents by Free Paintings
  24. Sad Is Fine by Dot Vom on Love Weights (Wave Dweller)
  25. Tower by Fronds on Cold Against My Skin (Gold Robot Records)
  26. Zoey by Winter on Ethereality
  27. Hey, Old Friend by Max Gardener on New In Town (Sadie Street Records)
  28. Homo Safe by The Homobiles on Burnin' Rubber
  29. You'll Be Sorry by Total Bettys on Peach
  30. An F in Shop by Little Debbie and the Crusaders
  31. No Allegience to the Queen by Japandroids on No Singles (Polyvinyl)