Episode 7: Denley Hosts

This week Denley (Hallowed ArticlesYellow Year) is filling in for DJ 4AM and as usual...all electronic and hip-hop, always Bay Area.

Two of Denley's productions for The Zap Tap's upcoming sophomore album "EVERYTHING." are featured in Brent and Julia Benaway's youtube series "Under the Canvas", "an in-depth look into the lives of artists from around the world. Our series aims to ask thought provoking questions about the struggles and challenges that all artist face while producing their work."

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Doctor Popular, Lillian Frances, Latent Sea, Jel, Secluded Journalists, Restiform Bodies, Joe Mousepad (JAY3M), Decap, Teeko, Boac, A7PHA, Asonic Garcia, Kirby Dominant, Geoffreythomas32, BOATS, NorthernDraw, make.a.virus, Kacey Johansing, Mani Draper, Luke Sick & Damien, Exalt the Anti, Dug Infinite, Stanley Ipkuss, Chuuwee, Little Mends (Dopestyle), Odd Nosdam, E Da Boss, Lateef the Truthspeaker, Gift of Gab, TOPR, OneWerd, Pete Feliciano, The Zap Tap, rayreck., Bluezr, Onhell, Dailon, Matt Bloom, Ruff Draft, Brycon, Vrai, Spote Breeze, Nonagon


  1. Overblown by Doctor Popular on Destroy All Presets (Self-Released)
  2. Phone Keys Wallet by Lillian Frances on Timeism - EP (Self-Released)
  3. Serial Chiller by Latent Sea (hallowed articles)
  4. Steady by Jel on Late Pass (anticon.)
  5. Rules & Regulations by Secluded Journalists on Who Are We (Think Beat Records)
  6. Black Friday by Restiform Bodies on TV Loves You Back (anticon.)
  7. Demo by Joe Mousepad & Denley on Unreleased
  8. Washed Away by Decap & Teeko on Excess Amount (629327 Records DK2)
  9. Veteran Rap by Boac on Plot Will Twist (Machete Vox)
  10. No Brakes by A7PHA on A7PHA (anticon.)
  11. Strata from Time Bandits by Asonic Garcia on Old Daze (77 Rise Recordings)
  12. Starr (feat. Roddy Rod) by Kirby Dominant on Starr: The Contemplations of a Dominator (Rapitalism Records)
  13. Desdemona by Geoffreythomas32 on Calaveras - EP (Self-Released)
  14. Haze by BOATS on ScribbleFace (dollops music)
  15. West Coasters by Joe Mousepad and Northern Draw on Play / Rec (Thirsty City)
  16. Monitors (Silver Subtraction) [feat. Kacey Johansing] by make.a.virus on Anti-Implosion Campaign (Rizatek Records)
  17. Hard Truth by Mani Draper on Hard Truth (Self-Released)
  18. Ripping Gut by Luke Sick & Damien on Strike the Clutch (I Had an Accident)
  19. Ain't No Denying by Exalt the Anti on Failure to Comply (Abolano Records)
  20. Art by Dug Infinite (Self-Released)
  21. ninaca$h (feat. Chuuwee) by Stanley Ipukuss (Self-Released)
  22. AAAAAA_BACKSTREETZ_POST APOCAPLYP_PART 3 by Little Mends on Little Mends (Demos)
  23. Sisters (OG Drum Version) by Odd Nosdam on Sisters Remix - EP (Leaving Records)
  24. Bay by Chris Keys on Bridges (Self-Released)
  25. Go Left - 12 Inch Version (feat. Lateef The Truthspeaker & Gift of Gab) by E Da Boss on Go Left (Om Hip Hop)
  26. Game Show Host by TOPR on Afterlife of the Party (Gurp City)
  27. Be Alright by OneWerd & Pete Feliciano on OneWerd & Pete Feliciano (Self-Released)
  28. Anything (produced by Denley) [Demo] by The Zap Tap on EVERYTHING.
  29. a few times. by rayreck. on WOW, Vol. 1 (Inner Ocean Records)
  30. By the Wayside by Bluezr on Earwax Fizzica (Fuzzoscope)
  31. East Bay Grime by Onhell on Linden - EP (STYLSS)
  32. Yow by Dailon on Ever Evolving (Self-Released)
  33. Fed Up by Matt Bloom on Fed Up (77 Rise Recordings)
  34. Messages by Ruff Draft on Illusion Fracture (Alpha Pup)
  35. Untitled / Who Ain't Here by Brycon on ASADU 4/20 Sampler (ASADU)
  36. ghosts (feat. Swoonz) by Vrai on BOK (Resonate)
  37. Tread (Prod by Crssspace) by Spote Breeze on Tread (Prod by Crssspace) (Self-Released)
  38. Hip Hop - Instrumental by Nonagon on Correlations (Special Edition) (Self-Released)