We’ll be back next week in May 16!!


  1. Just Can't Get Enough by Sheer Mag on Need to Feel Your Love (Wilsun Records)
  2. If You Met Her by Palehound on A Place I'll Always Go (Polyvinyl Records)
  3. Dog Years by Poppies on Good EP (Topshelf Records)
  4. 1 Billion Dogs by Jay Som on Everybody Works (Polyvinyl)
  5. The Things That You Did by Rebel Kind on Just For Fools (Urinal Cake Records)
  6. The Lords Chirp by Roya on Roya (BURGER RECORDS)
  7. For Good by Joyride on Half Moon Bay (Salinas Records)
  8. Eraser by Cruel Summer on Ivy (Mt.St.Mtn)
  9. Don't Go by Pretty Pretty on Dayton Avenues (Self Released)
  10. Street Lights by Pity Party (Girls Club) on Girls Club (Lolipop Records)
  11. I'm Gonna Destroy That Boy by Leggy on A Step Forward Compilation (Heartbreaking Bravery)
  12. Sync Up with You by Camp Girls on It's Whatever (LootBag Records)
  13. Stay Here All Night by The Total Bettys on Peach (Lauren Records)
  14. Are You With Me? by Thick on It's Always Something... (Self Released)
  15. Pity Party by Strawberry Jacuzzi on Watch the Clock (Grabbing Clouds Records & Tapes)
  16. Alright by Shitkid on Fish (PNKSLM)
  17. Expensive Habits by Earth Girls on Wanderlust (Grave Mistake Records)
  18. Abba Zabba, You're My Only Friend by Nervous Dater on A Hundred Beers (Self Released)
  19. Talk by Tacocat on Lost Time (Hardly Art)
  20. Chasing by Worriers on Imaginary Life (Don Giovanni Records)
  21. Link in Bio by Diet Cig on Swear I'm Good at This (Frenchkiss Records)
  22. Lucy Stone by Katie Ellen on Cowgirl Blues (Lauren Records)
  23. Never Been Wrong by Waxahatchee on Out in the Storm (Merge Records)
  24. Too Old for This by Cayetana on New Kind of Normal (Plum Records)
  25. Ophelia by All Dogs on Kicking Every Day (Salinas Records)
  26. Never Again by Thin Lips on Riff Hard (Lameo Records)
  27. What I Say by The Lopez on Kill Yr Selfie (Self Released)
  28. The Jaws by Xetas on The Tower (12XU)
  29. Let's Be Bad by Childbirth on Women's Rights (Suicide Squeeze)
  30. Riff-Raff by Pale Lips on Wanna Be Bad (Resurrection Records)
  31. Rock & Roll Friend by Patsy's Rats on Patsy's Rats (La Ti Da Records)
  32. Count the Pegs by Big Eyes on Stake My Claim (Don Giovanni Records)
  33. Silver Velvet by The Courtneys on II (Flying Nun Records)
  34. We Real Cool by Goldmines on Shitbox Jimmy // Goldmines split (Quality Time Records)
  35. Glow in the Dark by Death Valley Girls on Glow in the Dark (Burger Records)
  36. Untitled by L.A. Witch on L.A. Witch (Suicide Squeeze)
  37. Wipe Out by The Coathangers on Parasite EP (Suicide Squeeze Records)
  38. Long Hair Don't Care by The Aquadolls on Stoked on You (Burger Records)
  39. Rip Van Winkle by Shannon and the Clams on Dreams in the Rat House (Hardly Art)