Red Meat Radio Presents... BUBBLE GUM BLOODBATH


  1. Ca Plane Pour Moi by Plastic Bertrand on 7 (Sire)
  2. Motor Boat by Jimmy Jukebox
  3. Rebels Rule by Iron Virgin
  4. Wired Up by Hector
  5. Zap N Cat by Bubbles
  6. Daze of Madness by Pandora
  7. Ca baigne dans l'huile by Soda Fraise
  8. Rave'n'Rock by Daddy Maxfield
  9. Fire by The Walkers
  10. (Like A) Locomotion by Bonnie St. Clair & Unit Gloria
  11. Electric Garden by Dawn Chorus
  12. We Don't Care by Gumbo
  13. Der Drummer Mit Dem Holzbein by Nils
  14. Running Wild by Axe
  15. Chewin' Gum Rock by Nicky Bulldog
  16. Chosse Molle by Sublime de luxe
  17. Butch Things by Billy Hamon
  18. She Knew Him Too by Capt. Skidlid
  19. In The Jungle by Messengers
  20. Jet Boy/Jet Girl by Elton Motelo