1. Bad Habits by LYZZA on Powerplay (Symbols)
  2. Gauzy by Debit on Animus (NAAFI)
  3. World In Action by Helm on World In Action (Alter)
  4. Prodrome by rRoxymore on Thoughts of an Introvert, Pt. 1 (Dont Be Afraid)
  5. Frequency by Baltra (96 and Forever)
  6. Pig by Clark on Honey Badger/Pig (Warp)
  7. 2 Loop Trip by M.E.S.H. on Hesaitix (PAN)
  8. One More Fluorescent Rush by Avalon Emerson on Whities 013 (Whities)
  9. Outfight by Palm Trax on Dance 2017, Pt. 3 (Secretsundaze)
  10. Gimme (ft. Mister Wallace) by Lauren Flax on U Know EP (Nervous)
  11. Practice by Chynna on Music 2 Die 2 (Honeymoon)
  12. State of the Union by Junglepussy on JP3 (Self-Released)
  13. Lucky by Tommy Genesis (Downtown)
  14. Bomb by Ethereal (Self Released)
  15. GS by Coucou Chloe on Erika Jane (NUXXE)
  16. Suede by Air Max 97 on Vessel (Decisions)
  17. Odonata by Soda Plains on In Tongues (Self Released)
  18. Mystery by Fabiana Palladino (Paul Institute)
  19. Half Life by Smerz on Have Fun (XL)
  20. The Dream Ends by Gazelle Twin (Houndstooth)
  21. The Furnace by Martial Canterel on Lost at Sea (Dais Records)
  22. Pain by Boy Harsher on Lesser Man (Self Released)
  23. Eviction by Linea Aspera on Linea Aspera (Dark Entries)
  24. Be Gone by Sally Dige on Holding On (Self Released)
  25. Port Isabel by Led Er Est on Dust on Common (Wierd Records)