The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #117

computer music for the ages - all new material from Bovaflux, Calum Gunn, Sully, Gabor Lazar and many more!


  1. justwait by Bovaflux on aux4410
  2. sb(o0b1))h by Reinartz on CODE812 (Visit
  3. 20:32 8°13'03.6"N 16°21'35.1"E by Jung An Tagen on Agent Im Objekt (Editions Mego)
  4. Repeater by Gabor Lazar on Unfold
  5. A1. LOUDER THAN A MOTHERFUCKER by FTP UP on Stillicone Night Shift (Visit
  6. Midnight Bus by Interplanetary Criminal on Get Money (Visit
  7. Digitalis by Sully on UH-01
  8. Endless Light by Space Ghost on Endless Light (Visit
  9. Silver by monte booker (Visit
  10. 02 by Calum Gunn on Default 0011 (Visit
  11. Sleep by SMX on Blue 02 (Visit
  12. Allowance Trax by DJ Dats on Allowance Trax (Visit
  13. Elmo Rehab by Gantz on Elmo Rehab / Spooky Action at a Distance
  14. 0013AA by Agnès Pe on AA0013 (Visit
  15. Subway Techno by Samo DJ on CE Tape 2018 (Visit
  16. Brostep In The Style Of Florian Hecker by rkss on Brostep in the Style of Florian Hecker (Conditional)
  17. Ambient Role Play by Meyers on Struggle Artist (Visit
  18. Toys by Via Maris on Shelleys
  19. chaos warp by D!ANA on A.ngel of A.dmonition
  20. Aquatic Speedway by Space Ghost on Endless Light (Visit
  21. I Had No by Demuja on Soul Brother EP (Visit
  22. Versal (Original Mix) by FLUXION on Strands
  23. Thugs (ft. DJ Nate) by Sami Baha on Free For All (Planet Mu)