Ep 27: Is it too much to ask (what about me)

Ep title comes from the Blues Lawyer song "Real Cool Guy".

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  1. Replaced by highandfragile
  2. Real Cool Guy by Blues Lawyer on Guess Work (Vacant Stare)
  3. Waste by Blues Lawyer on Guess Work (Emotional Response)
  4. Try to Be Someone by Doncat on Preservation of the Spirit (Marble Eye Music)
  5. Don't Step by Doncat on Preservation fo the Spirit (Marble Eye Records)
  6. Hillside of Love by Mayya & the Revolutionary Hell Yeah on Open Minds Open Minds (Self Released)
  7. Crashing by Wax Idols on Happy Ending (Etruscan Gold)
  8. Revolution by Bobbi Rohs (textme)
  9. My Problems by Night Shapes on Wake Up
  10. Book In Heaven by Cindy
  11. Roshambo by Banzai Cliff on Hypothetical Love (Tank Beach Tapes)
  12. Leisure by Marbled Eye on Promo Tape 2018
  13. Young Bitches Got the Torch by Qing Qi on If The Niggah Ain't Shit, Play This For His Bitch
  14. Chasing Weather by MÒZÂMBÎQÚE (Textme)
  15. Of Time by New Spell
  16. Late June by Marinero on High Tone
  17. Standing In The Back At Your Show by Wild Ones on Mirror Touch (Topshelf Records)
  18. Sunny Somewhere by Al Harper on About Power EP (s/r)
  19. The Thick Red Line by Greg Ashley on Fiction is Nonfiction
  20. Country Boys by Liè on Hounds
  21. Drought by Ötzi on Ghosts (Self-Released)
  22. Bleeding by Thick on It's Always Something (Torched Car)
  23. Girlie by Thick
  24. 40 Plus to Nowhere by Normies on Normies
  25. Let It Flow by Ruby Mountain
  26. Drove Away by Sunhaze on Wishful Thinking
  27. Meadows by Blurred Out on Blurred Out
  28. Reflector by Veers on Veers
  29. Guilt by Lauren O'Connell on Details
  30. I Don't Care by Drift on Drift EP
  31. Dressed by Like Roses on Closure