Jun 2


  1. Paki-O-Matariki by Ratana Senior Concert Party on 25 Solid Gold Maori Songs (Traditional and Contemporary Maori Music) (Viking Sevenseas)
  2. Make Me Tea by Woo on Into the Heart of Love (Clive Ives)
  3. In Lieu of the Moon by OK Vancouver OK on Influences (Kingfisher Bluez)
  4. Cravado by Laure Briard on Cravado (Midnight Special)
  5. Hiéroglyphes by Pépite on Les bateaux (microqlima)
  6. Washington by Säkert! on Arktiska oceanen - EP (Razzia Records)
  7. Colour by Pete Josef on Colour (Sonar Kollectiv)
  8. Claudia, Willem R and Me by Roberto Musci on Tower of Silence (Music From Memory)
  9. Memory of a Cut Off Head by OCS on Memory of a Cut Off Head (Castle Face)
  10. Birds of a Feather by Mocky on Saskamodie (Heavy Sheet Music)
  11. Man on my Mind by Cornelia Murr on Man on my Mind (Autumn Tone)
  12. Clay Pigeons by Michael Cera on True That (Self Released)
  13. Spooky Ghosts by SNCKPCK on Songs for Someone You Love (Self Released)
  14. The Boy by Shannon & The Clams on Onion (Easy Eye Sound)
  15. Amor Fati by Champagne Superchillin' on Amor Fati (Broken Circles)