The Highpoint Lowlife Radio Show Episode #119

For all your new weird computer music needs!

An hour of new vinyl including Peder Mannerfelt, Sophia Loizou, ZULI, then an hour of new digital with releases from Kindohm, Daniel Katinsky, Sami Baha and the likes!


  1. Every Day Had a Number by Peder Mannerfelt on The Screws That Hold the World Together
  2. - by ZULI
  3. - by Sophia Loizou on Irregular Territories
  4. - by Delroy Edwards on Aftershock (L.I.E.S.)
  5. Pure Amethyst by Q 'D' on WO-QD01 (Wild Oats)
  6. - by Powell (XL Recordings)
  7. Solaris by UON on Untitled
  8. Dreariness by Daniel Katinsky on Digital Concrete (Visit
  9. dec 18th 2017 by Philipp Ilinskiy on CODE287 (Visit
  10. K Art W Heel by MGUN on Axiom (Visit
  11. Antistatic by kindohm on decera (Visit
  12. Kushtie Bass by Arttu on CYBLO003 (Visit
  13. Dumb Hummer by Facta on Dumb Hummer / All The Time (Visit
  14. Heaven by DJ Steaw on Heaven EP (Visit
  15. Tuff Cookie by Batu on Rebuilt (XL Recordings)
  16. Aliens by Sami Baha on Free For All (Planet Mu)
  17. Dun by Okzharp & Manthe Ribane on Closer Apart (Visit
  18. Forest Bathing by Cool Maritime on Sharing Waves (Visit