Episode 10: Feels Like Summer

wowee, finally in the double digits. Enjoy some city pop and enjoy this gorgeous day.


  1. CAT'S EYE by Anri on Timely!! (For Life Records)
  2. Itsuka by Tatsuro Yamashita on Ride On Time (Air Records)
  3. Rush Hour by Toshiki Kadomatsu on Weekend Fly To The Sun (RCA)
  4. Marrakech by Seiko Matsuda on Citron (CBS/Sony)
  5. Layla by Kengo Kurozumi on STILL (TDK Records)
  6. Remember Summer Days by Anri on Timely!! (For Life)
  7. Summer Breeze by Yuko Asano on Best Hits (RCA)
  8. Lonely Feelin by Eri Kojima on Foul Play Single B-Side (Aard-Vark)
  9. Sweet Inspiration '85 by Hiroshi Satoh on This Boy (Alfa)
  10. One Hot Love by Makoto Matsushita on First Light (Air Records)
  11. Kanashimi no shiruetto by Pink Lady on SUSPENSE (VAP)
  12. Eyes (Faster Tempo) by MIHO FUJIWARA (藤原美穂) on California Crisis (RCA)
  13. Mayonaka no Joke by Takako Mimiya on Love Trip
  14. Don'na Shudan Tsukatte mo by Junko Yagami on COMMUNICATION
  15. Hot Town by Yasuha on Golden Best
  16. I'm in Love by Tomoko Aran on 浮遊空間 (Warner Bros. Records)
  17. Koi no Yokan by Yosui Inoue on 9.5 Carats (For Life Records)
  18. Naturally by Junko Yagami on Full Moon (Discomate)
  19. Hot Sand by Piper on Summer Breeze (Yupiteru Records)
  20. High Noon by Kengo Kurozumi on Still
  21. Ai o maki modoshite by Omega Tribe on 君のハートはマリンブルー (VAP)
  22. Flyday Chintown by Yasuha on Golden Best
  23. Samba Night by Piper on Summer Breeze (Yupiteru)
  24. Sutorenja - no yoru by Maiko Okamoto on FASCINATION (Victor)
  25. Hashireusagi (ver. 1) by Yuko Kanai on ecran
  26. Akujo by Miyuki Nakajima on Kansuigyo
  27. Goodnight by Tatsuro Yamashita on Ride On Time (Air Records)