Creep Magnet #55


  1. Male Gaze by No Statik on Unity And Fragmentation (Iron Lung Records)
  2. Russian Brava by Aerobic Exercises
  3. Mae Kah Som Tam by Onuma Singsiri on All I see is you (Link entertainment)
  4. Dans son euphorie by Chorus Reverendus on Wizz French Psychorama (Born bad records)
  5. Hold On! I'm Comin' by The Feminine Complex on To Be in Love (Teen Beat)
  6. Green Fuz by Habibi on Cardamom Garden (Modern Sky USA)
  7. If You See Me by Sink Ya Teeth on If You See Me (1965 Records)
  8. I Don't Believe by The Disturbed on Soul Jazz Records (Raw Records)
  9. No One's Little Girl by The Raincoats on Moving (We ThRee)
  10. sour by Nu Normol on hot fruit (Burger Records)
  11. Fue una Lagrima by Elia y Elizabeth on La Onda (Distrolux)
  12. Zozoi by France Gall on That's What Friends Are For (Jazzman Records)
  13. Lung Tung Wai by Chaweewan Dumern
  14. Kaj Kola Khan by Googoosh on Kavir (Caltex Records)