World of Echo Episode 16


  1. Lucky Cloud by Arthur Russell on World of Echo (Upside Records)
  2. Ram Jam City by Danny Kirwan on Second Chapter (DJM)
  3. Earl Gray by Fleetwood Mac on Kiln House (Reprise Records)
  4. Bottoms Up by Peter Green on The End of the Game (Reprise Records)
  5. Burning Sister (Excerpt from Soap Shop Rock) by Amon Duul II on Lemmingmania (Revisited Records)
  6. Roc Alpin by Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes on Paix (Phillips)
  7. Maybe The People Would Be The Time or Between Clark and Hilldale by Love on Forever Changes (Rhino Records)
  8. The Half-Remarkable Question by The Incredible String Band on Wee Tam (Parlaphone)
  9. I Am Very Far by Amanaz on Africa (Shadoks Music)
  10. Homem Da Rua by Lo Borges on Lo Borges (EMI Brazil)
  11. Over The Shadow by Total Issue on Total Issue (United Artists)
  12. Powder Mill Park by Bill MacKay on Esker (Drag City)
  13. Redwood Ramble by Robbie Basho on Bonn Ist Supreme (Bo'Weavil Recordings)
  14. Grand Canyon Line by Michael Hurley on Armchair Boogie (Raccoon)
  15. Bergen County Farewell by Glenn Jones on My Garden State (Thrill Jockey)