Making Space Episode 35: Arrow Through Me


  1. Suvasini by Bill Nelson on Getting The Holy Ghost Across (Portrait)
  2. NMQ-HYT by Pendant on Make Me Know You Sweet (West Mineral Ltd.)
  3. Flowers Country by Alan Feanch on Nostalgic Times (Crea Sound Ltd.)
  4. Ballroom by Maxmillion Dunbar on Max Trax For World Peace (Future Times)
  5. To Climb The Cliff by Antena on El Camino Del Sol (Les Disques Du Crépuscule)
  6. Using Words by Savant on The Neo-Realist (At Risk) (Palace Of Lights)
  7. Rock Your Baby (Featuring MMM) by Emerson Kitamura on The Countryside Is Great EP (EM Records ‎)
  8. Você Pra Mim by Fernanda Abreu on Sla Radical Dance Disco Club (EMI)
  9. Arrow Through Me by Wings on Arrow Through Me / Old Siam, Sir (Columbia)
  10. Full of Fire by Al Green on Full of Fire (Hi Records)
  11. Lovers In The Rain by Barrabas on Lovers In The Rain (CBS)
  12. Tumbledown by Merchant on Tumbledown (Ostra Discos ‎)
  13. Evita by Larry Paul Emmett on Evita (Gei-Ar Productions)
  14. Scandal Night by Miharu Koshi on Tutu (Pick Up Records)
  15. Lovin' You by Status IV on Lovin' You (Radar Records)
  16. Gonna Make You Mine by Loose Ends on Stay A Little While, Child / Gonna Make You Mine (Virgin)
  17. Love Endeavor (Maurice Fulton Remix) by Alice Smith on Love Endeavor (BBE)
  18. Soft Things by Royal Crown Of Sweden on R.E.G.A.L.I.E.R. (Proibito)
  19. Track Six by FSOM (Future Sound of Melbourne) on Shivaratri (Two Thumbs)
  20. The Vision (Mix NY) by Anthony Naples on Love No Border (City-2 St. Giga)
  21. Laugh-Gas by Haruomi Hosono on Omni Sight Seeing (Epic)