January 24, 2015: Monthly Icelandic Music Show


  1. Black Lake by Björk on Vulnicura (One Little Indian)
  2. Say My Name by Ólafur Arnalds, Ben Frost and Arnór Dan (Erased Tapes)
  3. Nobody Loves Me Like You by Low Roar on "0" (Tonequake)
  4. Trommurllinn - the Drum Slave by dj. flugvl og geimskip on GLAMÚR Í GEIMNUM!
  5. Ilsa Drown, feat. Jónsi by Death Vessel on Island Intervals (Sub Pop)
  6. Tíbrá by Samaris on Silkidrangar (One Little Indian)
  7. Mind Blown by Hymnalaya on Hymns (Record Records)
  8. Rétt Eða Rangt by Óbó on Innhverfi (Morr Music)
  9. Color Decay by Júníus Meyvant (Record Records)
  10. Ga Fer Heim by Ikorni
  11. Island by My Bubba on Goes Abroader (Fake Diamond Records)
  12. Apart by Kiriyama Family (Record Records)
  13. What comes after by bird (Jon Valur)
  14. Harlem Reykjavík by Hermigervill
  15. Everything by FM Belfast on Brighter Days (Record Records)
  16. Feel See by Sin Fang on Flowers (Morr Music)
  17. Release Me (ft. DJ YAMAHO) by Introbeats
  18. Show Us by Oculus & Berndsen
  19. Burnt by Kiasmos on Kiasmos LP (Erased Tapes)
  20. We Have A Map of the Piano by Múm on Finally We Are No One (Morr Music)
  21. Falski Píanótíminn by Sóley on Kromantik (Morr Music)
  22. Góðan Daginn by Sigur Rós on Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust (EMI)
  23. My Arms by Bloodgroup on Dry Land
  24. Have You Seen This Girl Anywhere? (rough mix) by Just Another Snake Cult
  25. Kinky (prod. ReddLights) by Emmsjé Gauti
  26. Lionsong by Björk on Vulnicura (One Little Indian)
  27. Mafama by Chaingang on Iceland Music Export (IMX)