BRVS #52 w/ Greg Ashley (Gris Gris)


  1. Driving East, and Through Her by Case Studies on This is Another Life (NA)
  2. Fuck The Army - 2007 Digital Remaster; by Briard (NA)
  3. Gacy's Place by KBD on Mentally Ill (na)
  4. Anything Could Happen (studio) by The Clean on na (na)
  5. Southern Can Is Mine by Blind Willie McTell on na (na)
  6. Bogus Flow by Beck on DGC Rarities Vol 1 (Geffen)
  7. Dommage! by Detective on na (na)
  8. Psychaedlic Music by Psychadelic Music on Fuck You Too (na)
  9. Drunk & Disorderly by The Shirkers on na (na)
  10. 21-31 by Brian Glaze on Let's Go to the Sea (na)
  11. Black Metal (skit) by Original Prankster (skit) on na (na)
  12. Where's the New Wave Now? by na on Fuck You Too (na)
  13. Better Off Dead by La Peste on na (na)
  14. Lonely Woman by Ornette Coleman on The Shape Of Jazz To Come (Atlantic)
  15. Tropicalia by Caetano Veloso on Ao Vivo (na)
  16. Getting Loose by Dick Stusso on In Heaven (Hardly Art)
  17. Payday by Jesse Winchester on na (na)
  18. Drum by John Phillips on Cup of Tea (Skyjacked)
  19. Happiness You by Litronix on na (na)
  20. Richmond, Virginia by Bloodstains Across Virginia on na (na)
  21. Dahmer Blues by Cumstain on Gimmie Head (Loose Grip Records)
  22. Blue Life, A Life In Blue by Sorry Sorrow Swims on na (na)