creep magnet #56 locals only


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  1. Emotional Night by Pastel Felt on Ctarming Lait (Lolipop) $ Buy
  2. Take it out on me by Pastel felt on charming lait (lolipop) $ Buy
  3. Runners high by Sirens on Panic! (slef) $ Buy
  4. Palm Fronds by Small Crimes on Demons (self) $ Buy
  5. Cambrian age by Bed Bits on Demo (Self) $ Buy
  6. Profiterol by Bed Bits on Demos (self) $ Buy
  7. Mulligan by Small Crimes on Demons (self) $ Buy
  8. Chupa by Sirena Victima on to you and yours (self) $ Buy
  9. Mall Rats by Sirena Victima on Sirena Victima (Self) $ Buy
  10. Doo Dah by Drama on Drama (Aklasan) $ Buy
  11. Olive Boy by Reptaliens on FM-2030 (captured tracks) $ Buy
  12. Prequel by Reptaliens on FM-2030 (captured tracks) $ Buy
  13. Problems by Nu Normol on Hot Fruit (Soft release) $ Buy
  14. Sad is Fine by Dot Vom on love weights (wave dweller) $ Buy
  15. You say you're outta your mind by Dear Forbidden on Slow Beat (self) $ Buy
  16. Right by your side by Nanami Ozone on Desire (self) $ Buy
  17. Break
  18. Prostration by lova tara xx on Kairos (self) $ Buy