C00L WORLD - 001 - Sam Forin

Kelsey Styles sits down with her BFF Sam to discuss growing up in Florida, cultural identity as a first-generation American, and the myth/legend of Florida Man.


  1. PBNJ by Sneaks on It's a Myth (Merge)
  2. Wished by Sorry on Wished (Domino Records)
  3. It's Nothing by Lexie on Record Time! (Skeleton Realm)
  4. Teething by winded on Schwartz Goes to Heaven (Community Records)
  5. afraid of me by gobbinjr on afraid of me (Topshelf)
  6. June by Natalie Green on Natalie Green is my Lover (LOVER)
  7. Rocky Bottom by True Blue on Edge Of (TRUE BLUE)
  8. Laughing at the System, Pt. 1 by Total Control on Laughing at the System (Alter)
  9. Rocky Mountains by Peach Kelli Pop on Which Witch (Mint)
  10. Just Don't by The Entire Universe on Just Don't (Self Released)
  11. Corporeal by Broadcast on Tender Buttons (Warp 2005)
  12. The Orchids by Psychic TV on Dreams Less Sweet (CBS International Records)
  13. Midsummer by Katie Von Schleicher on Shitty Hits (Ba Da Bing!)
  14. Show Me How by Men I Trust on Show Me How (Self Released)
  15. Losing Touch (Nyc) by thanks for coming on sspplliitt (Yellow K Records)
  16. roller skates by nick hakim on green twins (ATO Records)
  17. The Shape You're In by Art Feynman on The Shape You're In (Western Vinyl)
  18. Florida Man w/ Sam Interview by Kelsey Styles on C00L WORLD
  19. Finer Things by Sateen on Sateen (Self Released)
  20. Ordinary Lover by Moon King on Hamtramck '16 (Arbutus Records)
  21. Sunshower by Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band on Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band (BMG Music)
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