1. Honey Island by Toxe on Blinks (PAN)
  2. Blood Rain by Ital Tek on Bodied (Planet Mu)
  3. Endless Summer by Fennesz on Endless Summer (Editions Mego)
  4. 2 by Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland on Black Is Beautiful (Hyperdub)
  5. Ghost Of Red Hook by Dialect on Gowanus Drifts (1080p)
  6. There Was A Time ( б ы л о в р е м я) by Kedr Livanskiy on There Was A Time ( б ы л о в р е м я) (2MR)
  7. Atonal Cut (Epilogue) by Oli XL on Stress Junkie / Mimetic (W - I)
  8. Sundial Radio by Kareem Lotfy on QTT10 (Quiet Time Tapes)
  9. Inclined by Eartheater on Irisiri (PAN)
  10. Not Worried by Eartheater on Irisiri (PAN)
  11. 100407jd7 by Second Woman on Second Woman (Spectrum Spools)
  12. Paloma, Pt. 2 by CTM on Red Dragon (Posh Isolation)
  13. Mothers and Daughters and Sisters by Nadine Byrne on Dreaming Remembering (iDEAL Recordings)
  14. Struggle Artist by Meyers on Struggle Artist (Shelter Press)
  15. Pierrot by Alex Zhang Hungtai on Divine Weight (NON Worldwide)
  16. Estate Straight Line by Khalil on The Water We Drink (Posh Isolation)
  17. God by Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones on Vicious Circles (Planet Mu)
  18. Knockturning by Chaines on The King (Slip)
  19. Oh The Drears by Happy Rhodes on Ectotrophia (Numero Group)
  20. Qualm by Helena Hauff on Qualm (Ninja Tune)
  21. No Qualms by Helena Hauff on Qualm (Ninja Tune)
  22. Ivy Charcoal by Bibio on Phantom Brickworks (Warp)
  23. Hier Le Désert by Felicia Atkinson on Hand In Hand (Shelter Press)
  24. Oral Couture by JASSS on Weightless (iDEAL Recordings)
  25. Same by Oneohtrix Point Never on Age Of (Warp)
  26. For All I Care by Ssaliva on Wyin (Collapsing Market)
  27. Hydraulic Deer by Quirke on Whities 015 (Whities)
  28. Dead Riot by Ora Iso on Image Certifies (Downwards)
  29. Saccade (feat. Julianna Barwick) by Steve Hauschildt on Dissolvi (Ghostly International)
  30. E. Eternal by Yves Tumor on Experiencing the Deposit of Faith (Self-Released)
  31. I Understand You by Prurient on Worship Is The Cleansing Of The Imagination (Hydra Head Records)