Jul 7


  1. Cannibal by Hickey & Sohn on Lick My Bones (Self Released)
  2. Black Lagoon by Still Corners on Black Lagoon (Wrecking Light)
  3. Like Spinning Plates by Bella Ruse on Kuhzoo (International Sock Monkey)
  4. Diagonal Lines by Absolutely Yours on Impossible Bouquet (Living Waters)
  5. Los Angeles by the bird and the bee on Los Angeles (Rostrum Records)
  6. Nobody's Watching by Steady Holiday on Nobody's Watching (Barsuk)
  7. In Between by The Feelies on In Between (Bar None)
  8. Playin' Along 99 by Marker Starling on Anchors and Ampersands (Tin Angel Records)
  9. Breathless by Small Black on Limits of Desire (Jagjaguwar)
  10. Told Me So by The Cry on Told Me So (Self Released)
  11. Apple Pie Bed by Lawrence Arabia on Chant Darling (Bella Union)
  12. Get It Right by Tashaki Miyaki on Tashaki Miyaki (Sounds of Sweet Nothing)
  13. Saturday by Phantogram on Someday / Saturday (Republic Records)
  14. Love on the Line (Call Now) by Her's on Love on the Line (Call Now) (Heist or Hit)
  15. Riding on the Wind by Flamingo Shadow on Riding on the Wind (Self Released)
  16. Crazy Crazy Insane by Apsci on Best Crisis Ever (Quannum Projects, LLC)